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A Step by Step Guide to installing new high-efficiency gas boilers

Are you looking to make your money go further and save on energy bills? A brand-new high-efficiency gas boiler is definitely one way to achieve it, and quicker than you may imagine. Given it will involve some disruption to your daily life, though, you will want to make sure you can accommodate the installation of a new boiler.
To help you understand exactly what is involved, we have put together the following step by step guide to having a high-efficiency gas boiler installed by the team here at GB Gas Service.

The Day Starts at 8am
Every day we spend working on the installation of your new boiler our installation team will arrive at your property to start work at 8am every morning.

Initial Steps – Sludge Draining, Passive Flush and Boiler Removal
Before we can install your brand new boiler, we need to remove your existing one first. We will begin by draining away the sludge from the system as there may be a lot built up over the years. We will then do a passive flush to make sure your system is completely clean and clear.
Once we have completed these steps we will remove your boiler and take it to the scrapyard, meaning you have one less thing to worry about.

Installation of High-Efficiency Condensing Boiler
We are then ready to install your brand new high efficiency condensing gas boiler. As long as there is no additional work necessary on the existing system, this should just be a very straightforward job. If more work is required we will inform you of this before we begin.

Installation of Magna Clean Filter
The key to ensuring that your gas boiler runs properly at all times and the system is as efficient as it can be is having high-quality filters in place. The new Magna clean filters we will install will help to make sure this is possible.

Install New Hive Controls (If Required)
If you are looking to take advantage of Hive smart controls for your new boiler, our team are fully experienced and qualified to install and carry out the setup for these.

Cross Bond Copper Pipes
If your system requires it, that is there is an earth metal object and a conductive part that is exposed we will need to cross bond the copper piping.

Balancing System
The final step before we finish is to ensure that your boiler and the connected heating system are fully balanced. This basically means that water distribution through the radiators in your system is optimised by adjusting your lockshield valve, which is the same as the pressure level for your system to make sure your boiler provides the ideal climate indoors while operating at an optimum level of energy efficiency.
Unless there are any major issues we have uniformed you about we will finish work by 5pm on the same day.

7 to 10 Years Warranty on your Boiler
When you choose GB Gas Service, you get the benefit of warranties of between 7 to 10 years on all gas condensing boilers. We believe you can experience 30% on your energy bills.
Once we have installed your boiler and ensured it is running properly, we will provide help for the duration of the warranty period. Every year we will come out and service your boiler and perform any maintenance or repairs on it.

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