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Gas Service & Repairs

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GB Gas Services – Gas Service & Repairs

Do you have a gas central heating and hot water boiler in your home? Regular servicing and repairs from a reputable company like GB Gas Service is crucial for preventing avoidable breakdowns and faults.

Boiler Repair Service

Why Gas Servicing and Maintenance is So Important

It is not the most widely interesting subject in the world and perhaps you are worried about the cost butensuring your gas boiler and other gas appliances are regularly serviced and repaired is very important. Why?

Health and Safety

First and foremost, there is nothing that is more important than ensuring that you, your family, and anyone visiting you is safe. Gas boilers and gas appliances that have faults or that are not working properly can lead to serious, and very dangerous, problems like water leaks, gas leaks and even fires.

Improve the Efficiency

Even if your gas boiler and gas appliances appear to be working properly without any noticeable faults, there could be unseen problems you don’t know about. These unseen problems could be affecting how efficiently your gas appliances and boiler are working, meaning you are spending more money than necessary on your energy bills.

Saves Money

Further to the point above, if you invest in regular servicing, rather than costing you more money, the small investment can actually save you money. When problems are less serious, the repair work required is not nearly as intensive, comprehensive, and expensive as it is when your appliances and boiler are not working properly or breaking down.

Gas Appliances

When many people think of gas servicing and repairs, the first thing that comes to their mind is often their boiler. As the most expensive appliance in their house, it makes sense to focus on it. However, if you have a gas hob and oven and any other appliances that use your home’s gas supply, in addition to the gas supply itself, these need to be regularly serviced too, to ensure they are safe and working efficiently.

Why Choose GB Gas Services

GB Gas Services is a company that has many years’ worth of experience serving the local people of Tallaght and the wider Dublin area. We have extensive knowledge of servicing boilers and all other gas appliances and systems. We are a fully RGI registered gas installer and once our engineer has completed their service on either your gas boiler or all your gas appliances, they will provide you with a full report detailing all the work that has been carried out in line with the most current standards for gas safety. Speak to one of our team today for more information and a no-obligation, completely free quote.
Simply put, if you want to protect your home and your gas appliances and boiler from breakdown and the potential risks of faulty gas equipment, fluework and other important components, speak to one of our team today.

We also are happy to say that we offer SEAI grants to qualifying customers.

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