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How Much Does Boiler Replacement Cost in Dublin? (2022 Guide)

Who to Choose For Work?

Boilers are essential to help us run our home and live comfortably. If you have a faulty, unreliable, or inefficient boiler, you should consider replacing it. Although getting a new boiler may seem daunting, it can be better to view it as a sound investment to save you and your family money in the long term. With winter treading on its heels as autumn arrives, you want to know that your house or business will be warm, secure, and efficient. With soaring energy prices, a new boiler can save you money on your energy bills compared with the older model you may have.

Average Boiler Replacement Costs in 2022

New high-efficiency condensing gas boilers are available from us here at GB Gas Services starting from €2200. There is no set price for installing a boiler in terms of the cost of gas boiler installation because it also depends on the precise requirements. For instance, your engineer will need to work around the rooms in your home in order to install and position the new pipes if you wish to replace an old boiler with a modern gas-fired condensing unit with heat recovery but don’t have the right pipes for the installation. Compared to installing a boiler that is a straight replacement and already has all the pipes in place, this will take more work. Contact Gas Boiler Servicing, for more information and reliable advice about your boiler replacement needs.

Boiler Replacement Grants

Grants for the replacement of gas boilers are available to all property owners and landlords whose buildings date back to 2011. Your electricity meter’s installation date serves as the built date definition. For residences constructed prior to 2006, further grants might be accessible.

Why replace my boiler now?

Boiler Lifespans

The typical boiler lifespan is between 10 and 15 years. Your boiler may have endured multiple breakdowns and repairs, but if it is an older model or has continued to develop numerous defects and mechanical problems, it may have reached the point where further repairs are no longer practical financially and it is now time to replace it.

A Value-Adding Investment

Your current boiler may have an impact on the market value if you’re wanting to rent or sell your home. An older or less energy-efficient boiler may put off potential buyers and tenants. Whereas a modern and energy-efficient boiler replacement could enhance value and inspire greater interest in your property.

Meet Your Needs

You should consider the size of your property when comparing gas boiler pricing. You can get advice from our professionals on the ideal size of the gas boiler. Purchasing a large boiler for a small residence is not advised since it will never achieve the necessary temperatures to maintain efficiency. The gas boiler will be overworked if a small boiler is chosen for a large home that may grow.

Who to Choose For Work?

If any of the aforementioned situations sound familiar to you, contact a business like GB Gas Services right away. All of your boiler replacement needs can be met by us. Our professionals can visit your house, evaluate the current system, and provide advice on a replacement that will, if at all possible, fit into the existing space.

You must select the best company for the work, regardless of your circumstance, if you want to have a new boiler put in. At Gas Boiler Servicing, we offer a group of highly qualified, experienced, and professional boiler installation technicians. The qualified and trained gas-safe authorised experts can offer a quality installation solution that is reasonably priced and safe.

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