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How to Find a Trusty Boiler Engineer and Avoid Scammers

How to Find a Trusty Boiler Engineer and Avoid Scammers

Getting a new boiler can be expensive and worrying if you don’t have confidence in the engineers carrying out the work for you.  A reliable and efficient boiler is essential for your home or business and we want to help you with this significant investment of your funds. We have put together some advice for you to find a trustworthy boiler engineer and avoid being scammed.

  • Ask Family and Friends:

If you ask family and friends for recommendations, they are sure to know who is best to use for this vital job for you. Positive word of mouth is essential in this business, which is why we pride ourselves here at on our excellent customer services, reviews, and reputation.

  • Ask Tradespeople

If you have had work completed at your home or business and have been satisfied with the work, why not ask that tradesperson if they can recommend a boiler engineer? Here at, our excellent team of trusted boiler engineers is waiting to undertake any boiler work you may have for us.

  • Get and Compare Quotes

Any reliable engineer will happily give you a quote for any work you want to complete.  We offer free, no-obligation quotes for all your boiler work and servicing needs. You should aim to get two or three quotes for any job so that you know the average cost of the work you need to undertake. You should choose a quote that is within your ideal budget so that you know exactly what you can afford as work progresses. Make sure you ask if there are any potential hidden costs that the professional can foresee.

  • Don’t Pay the Full Cost Upfront

Any reputable tradesperson will not ask you for full payment before the completion of work. Some tradespeople and companies may ask you for some of the money upfront, but this is often for large jobs and it shouldn’t ever be more than half of the final cost. We offer boiler finance options for you to help spread the cost if you are paying for a new boiler.

  • Ask Lots of Questions

A reliable company will be happy to answer your questions about materials, the quality of products they use, and why they use them. They should also talk you through the different steps of any job they are quoting you for, to ensure you understand what is being done and what you are being charged for. A genuine expert will answer your questions and be able to guide you through different options available to you.

  • Customer Testimonials

Reading the testimonials and reviews of customers that have recently used the boiler engineer or company is a great way of getting a feel for what people think. It may take a little longer, but it is worth it for peace of mind. We have excellent customer feedback available for you to read on our website and have a 5-star excellent rating.

  • Proof of Accreditation

You must be confident that anyone carrying out gas work for you is qualified.  Make sure you ask to see their identification and certification before any work begins so that you can be sure you are in safe hands. Gas is dangerous to work with, so you want to know that any work will be carried out safely and responsibly by an experienced engineer. Our engineers are highly skilled and experienced, so why not get in touch for some free and friendly advice today?

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