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New Boiler Costs in 2022 – Boiler Installation Costs & Prices


Ever wonder why the subject of boiler prices and installation costs is so murky to those who want to avail these services? In 2022, we won’t keep you in mystery any longer. The price of boiler systems, and boiler installation services depend on a number of factors, namely the type of boiler that you are using, the set-up space, and if you are trying to get your older boiler replaced. The great thing is that you do not even have to get your boiler installed by the people you bought your boiler from or those who provide you gas. You could totally get your preferred boiler installation services from a provider who wholly and completely understands your needs and personal situation.

There are some key factors that primarily impact the cost of boiler installation in Dublin. Apart from the cost of the boiler, the boiler replacement cost whereby the kind of model that you want, and the service for uninstalling your old boiler is also factored in. Next, whether you want a system, regular boiler, or combi boiler also adds up to the cost of installation services in Dublin. Extra accessories and facilities like filters and smart controls can cost you more bucks. Usually, the cost of a new boiler is somewhere around £600 – £2,500, and the cost depends on the model and the kind of system. A combi boiler or a combination boiler is capable of controlling and delivering hot water in an instant. It is highly efficient, and does not require preheating the hot water cylinder. A brand new combi boiler will cost you somewhere around £600 – £1000 if you are going for a basic and budget-friendly model. If you can up your budget a notch and go for a mid-range boiler, it will cost you £900 – £1,200. For a premium quality and high range combi boiler model, you will have to pay £1,000 – £2,000 depending on the size of the boiler.

The pricing strategy is very similar for system boilers too. A system boiler is ideal for situations where there is larger demand for hot water and for a longer time. System boilers have separate storage cylinders to store the hot water so that there is a constant supply. A new system boiler in the basic and budget-friendly range cost somewhere around £600 – £900. A mid-range model of system boiler costs £900 – £1,300. You will have to spend some more bucks, around £1,300 – 2,500 if you opt for a premium model.

A regular boiler which is also known as a heat-only boiler is similar to a system boiler. However, a regular boiler requires header tanks which supply hot water to the cylinder so that the water levels are maintained in the radiators. Regular or heat-only boilers fall in the budget category of £500 – £2,500. The price depends on the size and quality of the boiler, prices go up as the boiler capacity gets bigger. Biomass boilers that use natural fuels or biomass to heat the water for the premise is also a viable option. A biomass boiler really burns a hole in your pocket, costing you between £7,000 – and £15,000.

If we factor in boiler installation services in Dublin, and specifically boiler installation in Tallaght, the prices climb up quite a few steps. The installation of process of boilers entails these costs-labour cost, vertical flue cost, plume kit cost, and main gas pipe cost. Labour costs range from £600 -£1,000, vertical flue costs around £300- £600, plume kit will be £90 – £130, and main gas pipe will cost you between £250 – £400.

Boiler installation in Tallaght largely depends on the quality of the pipe and accessories that you choose. You need to narrow down the type of boiler that would cater to your needs the most, the installation and service charges fall in line accordingly. We have broken down the expense of boiler installation in Tallaght from the inception to the ending, and the prices are up-to-date for the year 2022. Hope this clears out your boiler-related doubts, and helps you make the right choice for yourself!

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