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Why Hire A Local Boiler Installation Company?

If you are currently in the market for a new gas boiler for your home or commercial property, you may be tempted to go down the route of using the services of a national company. Before you do, however, have you given much thought to using a more local and smaller boiler installer? If you haven’t, it may be worth considering some of the huge benefits outlined below from making such a choice.

Less Expensive

Bigger companies that offer their services up and down the country is considered to be a safe option because they have a strong reputation, larger workforce and often a longevity that can’t be competed with. However, this all comes at a price – a rather high price.

Whereas, smaller boiler installers that are focused on their local area, tend to have less overheads so they are able to offer more affordable prices.

24/7 Availability

We can’t think of anything worse than needing to contact a company for a boiler installation, repair work or a service and not being able to contact an actual human. It’s frustrating being left on hold or not getting responses to your voicemails. As local installers tend to be smaller, they generally do not have phonelines that are as busy as the nationals. This makes them easier to contact. Often, they will even offer 24/7 technical and customer support.

Quicker Response Times and Timeframes

Following on nicely from the above point, one of the things you will be looking for when choosing a suitable boiler installer is one that can provide you with the service you need as quickly as possible. Although the larger national companies have a greater number of engineers at their disposal, it is often hard to book one quickly and rather than having your boiler installed when you want, you may have to wait weeks before you can book an appointment.

Often with local and smaller installers, you can actually get same-day services.


We have already noted that when you use a bigger nationwide installer, you are more likely to just get whatever engineer is available. This can result in varying levels of quality in the experience difference customers have using them, depending on the engineer that completes their boiler installation or other work.

As local companies have less employees, it may be possible to request a particular engineer that has completed work on your property in the past. That way you can always have peace of mind that you will receive the same experience every time.

Helping the Local Economy

It can be nice to give back to the local community. Just as most local boiler installers like working with local customers because they are their neighbours and they want to provide affordable high quality services; you can help the local economy by hiring locally rather than the big nationals.

So, rather than choosing one of the bigger companies next time you need a new boiler installed or any other gas services, why not avail yourself of the benefits above that come from hiring a local installer instead.

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